360 panoramic virtual reality is a highly cost-effective solutions.
360 panorama can be a full range of record, can also be a place for the real 3D way performance, is the general picture and 3D modeling can not be completed.
360 panorama has become the sharp weapon of micro marketing, panoramic space interactive function of its viewers to be personally on the scene feeling.
Car interior 360:
Real estate showrooms360:
Micro panorama:
360 photographic support platform
  • Micro panoramic platform for mobile platforms:
  • Mac platform
  • Windows platform
360 photographic Hardware support
  • Linglu 360 panoramic photography involves areas:
  • Hotel space
    Hall , banquet hall, restaurant , guest rooms, swimming pool, gym , etc.
    Entertainment space
    Bars, restaurants , KTV , etc.
    Real estate space
    Real estate, model room , etc.
    Product space
    Cars, tents, etc.
    Educational space
    Schools, showrooms, museums , etc.